Derisk Your Release

Every commit has a probability to introduce bugs. We let you know what that probability is using historical data — like bugs from your project management software, exception stacktraces, and your test coverage. We also let you know how to reduce that probability if it's too high for comfort. With the right data, developers can make changes to code and release with confidence.

Fix Bugs Faster

Traditional stacktraces have no context, just the lines that led of to the error. We let you know every line in those functions that have changed since your last deploy, who wrote those lines, and for which product requests. And we use historical data to score the lines that did change on how likely they are to have caused the issue.

Review Code More Efficiently

We recommend reviewers based on who knows the most about the functions that are changing, not just the lines or the files. We show you which functions which developers should review. And we score the lines in the diff by likelihood of causing problems, so the reviewers know where to focus their attention most.

Visualize Trends in Your Codebase

Are your bug counts increasing or decreasing? Is a certain file, function, developer, qa contact, or product manager responsible for a lot of them?

Identify Tech Debt

Is a file just a pain to work with, or is it a developmental timesink, constantly changing, and often introducing new bugs? GigaDiff can show you how much time went into a file, how buggy it is, and how often it changes. With this data, you can predict how much it might cost in the future.