GigaDiff is Growing

Are you a product-minded engineer who is also analytical and data-driven? Are you passionate about code quality? Has a release ever kept you up night and haunted you afterward?

We are looking for someone like you to help GigaDiff help companies across the world reduce their bug count, deliver code with less anxiety, and address their technical debt intelligently.

You will be joining as a founding employee. At GigaDiff, you will not be just another cog in a poorly oiled machine. You will be implementing (and invisioning) entire new products and services.

Benefits: Or why you should work for us

Experience: Or why we should hire you

Most importantly, you would be enjoyable to work with. Ideally, you would be passionate about things outside of your career.

We are looking for engineers with either impressive design skills, a background in statistics and/or machine learning, or architectural experience with either Scala, Go, Elixir, or C#.

Ideally, you would not hate the tech stack listed below, be comfortable in a Unix Shell, a polyglot, and able to solve the beginner problems from Project Euler with ease.


Email a cover letter, a copy of your resume, and anything else you find relevant: your GitHub, side projects, etc.